After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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The foregoing message was culled from an FB friend's submission/message on my wall. The message is so appropriate that I had to post it on the Bintu for most to read, if not all.

Could this be the main reason we are so "backward" in Saro?
Spectator 007
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Many years ago, I used to think our problems were primarily due to lack of education...but now I am convinced that there are other factors which are more significant.

In the kleptocratic class, I wonder if there is a relationship between level of corruption and educational achievement; and if so, does it tend to be direct, or inverse.
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Bra Specky, kaabor! You state and I quote:

"...In the kleptocratic class, I wonder if there is a relationship between level of corruption and educational achievement; and if so, does it tend to be direct, or inverse..."

Very good question!

Well, you've stated that the class is already kleptocratic, so no amount of educational achievement is going to dampen that enthusiasm in the culture of oosai dem tie cow na day ee day eat, per se. That embedded cultural trait is the norm and it is permissive. Totally stepping out of that norm will serve the culprit an ostracizing ticket. However, the more educated the kleptocrats are, the less likely that they may not passmark in practicing the kleptocratic behavior due to the belief that too much of a bad behavior is good for nothing - den go think bot tumarra, so that den nor go grab all thing tiday.
I may be quite wrong in this assessment.

But to answer your question directly, I think that the relationship is inversely proportional in the first-world countries, and it is a direct relationship in a third-world country like ours and others in Africa, and perhaps the Carribean, and elsewhere.

Sorry I am responding only now, but I take the weekends off on the Bintu as a policy. Too many other things to do, contrary to the belief of some folks.
Friend of Sengbe
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Have you people noticed what happens on this forum? Great minds introduce topics such as this one for discussion on the forum, but the small minds gossip, and talk all day about Kama Dumbuya. The guilty folks with the small minds belong to the same infamous political party starting with a capital A, and ends with the abbreviation for a Police Constable. Please name the party, if you can. The great minds belong to the grand ole party that starts with a capital S for Sierra Leone and her people. Please guess the name of the political party to which the great minds belong to.
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Friend of Sengbe,

Talking about Kama Dumbuya is not gossip.  Kama Dumbuya was a legend who did more for Sierra Leone than any of the thieving politicians of the SLPP and APC that you admire.
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You guys are missing the joke. The geriatric at Elizabeth City is watching his ratings plummeting like the Niagara Falls and his bloated ego will not allow him to shut the crap up.  After dunky days since posting this topic only specky responded and immediately disappeared. The bragging Mende pa has to uplift himself up by putting others down. This is his trademark! Everything good must have his signature.  He never congratulate anyone for a job well done. The fact of the matter is that the Kama Dumbuya topic has developed into an idealistic one that has the one and only KL coming up with an investment idea to bring back football fans to supporting local teams. And the borggedor referred to it as gossip.  What a loser! This pa need to be castrated.  But again, it's too late for that and we all know why.
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Hello ABK (Alpha Basta Kanu/Kamara?)! How di bodi?

Why are you insinuating that I, Sengbe Konouwah, was involved in what Friend of Sengbe wrote about small minds and great minds, even though his thought process seems to be on the right track?

Is your sleep often interrupted by dreams about me in the homosexual sense that you prefer?

Who cares about ratings on the Bintu? Only idle people like you and yours in the APC-RAT business, with no sense of positive direction will yearn for that aspect on pedestal on the Bintu, especially the one you are touting, the incorrigible wretch, is a very grammatically challenged m/fcker. And you are one as well based on the fact you participate in ganging up on the personality in my moniker. But me na one-man geng way go destroy you apc m/fckers whenever you make the mistake of trying your timini gbose-gbose with me.

Please have a nice day and take your homosexuality elsewhere, because Sengbe does not play that.
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Bo unu go kill dis pa before him time. Sengbe nor falla dem ya.
Cyber Opencall
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"But me na one-man geng way go destroy you apc m/fckers whenever you make the mistake of trying your timini gbose-gbose with me" - Okobo Sengbe

Okobo Senate how are you going to do that? Do you know ABK? Kini you must be running out of your medication. 

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And the medication is being prescribed by the Saro El Chapo in the DMV?

Sorry! me nor mix pan dat. Ar lef dat gee u ehn unu APC pipul dem way wan buil another airport na Port Loko for bring den loot for the Port Loko Mafiosi from the drug cartel den, for poisin we pipul dem lek how dem do during the war. Borbor kamara lef me saful.

Bi jaye gbortayna!
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Sengbe you cannot deny the fact that you are okobo. This information was shared with three other forumites from a very reliable source. There is tangible evidence but for legal reasons, the evidence cannot be posted.
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OKay! Ali Basta Kow aka ABK.

So me na okobo. Waytin na you yone pan hog money? Na becus you lek leh man hab you na you backsie mek me "okobo" wan morna you? In dat case ar gladdy me nar wan.

Borbor try orda sye, Sengbe don't play dat. Sengbe geh four pikin dem. Na ormoss u get? NONE!

You faggotty mordaphucker!! Shoob go na doe!!
Alaki Sengbe
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Dr. Nahim please ship the Prozac and the Viagra, Sengbe don baranta. Hehehe! Na mammy cuss go fala jisnor.
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Alaki Zacchariah / aka Jihadi Ishmael in Sweden! How di bodi? Yousef don cam for join you fambul dem in the gbose-gbose? Well, welcome karankay borbor.

Mus know say den popo na Sweden day look for den lone wolves in the jihadi movement oberyanda.

Enti you na one of dem blind stupid borbor dem way nor care for een life becus u wan 7 virgin dem na lakkra way u nor able geh na dis dunia ya so! Den day watch you oh.

You keep fas tiday? In dat case ah nor go hambug you tiday, but be careful oh! Dem day watch you.
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"And the medication is being prescribed by the Saro El Chapo in the DMV" ( By the geriatric okobe, swegbe Sengbe.)

This one stinks and has the bad smell of jealousy. Are you jealous of KL so much that you think he is a drug dealer?  KL must be laughing his a$$ off. Oh Saloneman wit bad hart and jealousy. Dis Mende pa need kushument en poyo for cure him die bortu en him angry sef. So so jealous. 
Enjoyment Man
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I don't think Sengbe is jealous of KL. I think he was trying to hit KL back in retaliation for the orkobo thingy. The difference though is KL is a hit and run while Sengbe refuses to allow the orkobo thing to die a natural death. He goes on a rampage with mammy curses upon mammy curses whenever he is accused of being an orkobo. With such behavior, enjoyment man like me may just come to the conclusion that Sengbe is indeed an okobo.
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Enjoyment Man, don't kid yourself okobo Sengbe is jealous of KL. There are so many names the old Mende pa could have used in retaliation.  But why El Chapo, the filthy rich Mexican drug catel boss? Did the okobo geriatric Mende pa learned something new about the hard working brother? Kakarass Mende pa.
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“…Did the okobo geriatric Mende pa learned something new about the hard working brother?...” ABK aka KL

How do I know ABK is KL (his usual moniker on the Bintu)? His fingerprints are all over the grammatical error he is been making since 1997, 20 years ago. And he gets mad and defensive when that error is corrected. Login, you should really be thankful for the corrections we throw your way, since you have a grand daughter who you might one day try to help with her homework. How are you going to do that when literacy is anathema to your being. Why do you always portray yourself as an incorrigible wretch? Do you enjoy it, or are you just plain stupid?

Ar nor go cuss ABK tiday since ar don know say na u day post with many different monikers. Ar go sorry for you.

But me jealous you!! For waytin? You nor geh nartin way me want.

If na u sista JS tell you bot me okobo wan, well… leh we lef ahm gee God ehn Anabi. But na odor mek monkey nor cham peppeh - is all I will state about that. God bless ahm for the frenship 20 years ago.

BTW if I am geriatric as you erroneously state without ever meeting me in person, what can I say about you? A boy who is in his late 50s to early 60s? Do you know what that word means? Foolish question, since I know the answer to that question is a resounding NO!

“… Kakarass Mende pa…” ABK/KL

How you know that? You bin kiss me rass when ar cormot kaka in the toilet since you na foggot? Ar bi!

Anyway, ar nor go ansa you again, tay you bring fiteye to me again. If you do dat again, ar go tell u bot u granny ee bompi toro teray borkineh.

Alaki Sengbe
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The alaki Mende pa is at it again. One sucker punch, marinated with okobo oil, is driving the alaki Mende geriatric to defend himself lawo lawo. KL u da man, bro! The geriatric kamajor and okobo professor  is on life support. His brain can't even function well these days.  Earlier,  ABK was Musa Kenema, then Zacchariah / aka Jihadi Ishmael in Sweden, then mambolo alimimamy  then Tikehkeh Blamo. And all of a sudden, ABK is now KL. That sucker punch, marinated with okoboism, is taking its toll on the good old professor.  Hehehe! Ar dae laff tay me kroobombor dae fordom. Wai oh ya, professor Sengbe don confuse. So so cuss cuss while KL, for the gentleman he is, is pleading for others to help the confused professor.  Ar taya sef.

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"Anyway, ar nor go ansa you again, tay you bring fiteye to me again. If you do dat again, ar go tell u bot u granny ee bompi toro teray borkineh"  Professor Sengbe?????

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Please take a break.
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I have never heard it said, or read it written any better than this. Within this context I am now certain of what hitherto was mere suspicion on my part: That no policy during one hundred and fifty years of British rule, was as destructive to Sierra Leone as the casually implemented policy of education as a privilege, and not a right! Purveyors of that policy can never rightly or credibly lay claim to being agents of any specter of development within the country.
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