After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Moses Ben Kanu added 5 new photos.
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It seems they are using ex-rebels (Kamajors) instead of the police to go find missing government vehicles. This nar wahala.

Sierra Leone was indeed fighting for Democractic change . Unfortunately such aspiration is heading in limbo since SLPP govt led by President Julius Maada Bio took over mantle of Leadership through constitutional means in less than two weeks ago. Currently , the family of Ex president Koroma become the greatest victim of untold violence , intimidation , political thugry , witch hunt and all form of human right abuse and reprisals. A very young aspiring couple, talented with professional acumen were attacked by a vigilante group led by the guy in millitary fatige purportedly posed to be sent by the Slpp govt from State House and unauthoritatively entered the premises of Barrister Mansaray & wife for a search . She happened to be the first Daughter of our former Iconic president of Sierra Leone without a search warrant by 7:30 pm . The citizens of Sierra Leone and the International community re with grave concern over the sad unfold development happening in the country since President Bio took over power in less than two weeks ago with numerous constitutional violation. The situation is becoming far from normal Democracy appears like any Junta government . President Bio should take note of such inadequacies trying to undermind his administration or be held accountable in due course..CULPRITS HAVE NO WINDOW OF AMNESTY IN OUR MODERN DEMOCRACY.

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APC Grammar
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This APC Tolongbo apologist should go back to grade school and learn how to write grammatically correct English.  I bet he must be AFK's cousin from the Sella Limba chiefdom in Bombali.  No amount of effort to destabilize the Bio government will work. Kakarasses.

Why are EBK's daughter and son-in-law pictured below?
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First off, the gallant KARMAJOISIA were a CIVIL DEFENCE FORCE fighting in collaboration with other segments of the collective national civil defense forces organized to thwart the brutal aggression imposed on the Saro nation by the RUF, the AFRC, and West-side Boys.

I guess AFK conveniently forgot that fact. I wonder why? Is it because the AFRC was initially led by a Limba man (JPK), and consisted mainly of his folks, as the armed wing of the reactionary APC party that was deposed by the NPRC?

By telling such lies in revisionist history it is quite possible that AFK will be banned again from the Bintu in order to keep the peace.  
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