After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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True Tok
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"If EBK wants to behave like a Politician, we will definitely treat him like One":  JJ Saffa.

Politics is a dirty game. As such, former state actors who have served to the rank of President must keep their hands off politics after their tenures if they are to be respected. As the popular African proverb states" the child who plays in mud must be prepared to take his/her bath with either cold or hot water.

Once someone becomes an active politician, the possibility of you being treated like one becomes translucent(white).
The moment one realises his/her existence on earth is only for a while, then the need to attain power for life at the expense of others becomes a *No Go Area*.

The decision of our former President to be a chairman of his party for life does not only send signal about man's insatiable wants but also a clear indication of how one man can be biased and selfish in achieving his worldly goals/targets. EBK's continued grip of the leadership of the opposition APC speaks volume.

One may want to ask what more could a former President yearn for? The bigger danger now engulfing the APC party, as noticed by other senior members within the opposition is our former President making himself chairman for life. There is a big conflict of interest here. Virtually, this does not give the right to whosoever might be the presidential aspirant of the APC for subsequent elections to be the supreme head nor have a say in their party activities. This creates a bigger vacuum and thus Power Politics at the end.

I need to remind EBK that after he won the elections of 2007 and then became president, the late Pa Kabba of blessed memories respectfully and gracefully gave way to a clean democratic process. After his tenure, he did not only have a reduced or silent role in his party, but taking the back seat in national politics. This was a clear indication of a leader whose intention was to give others the same opportunity accorded to him to lead his party and country. After his successful reign, President Kabba peacefully and democratically handed over power and you automatically became his successor after the results of a controversial election were pronounced.

If one is to learn on good leadership, there is every need for Ernest Bai Koroma to emulate the steps set by our Late President Kabba. Alternatively, EBK is messing with both their party and the country's constitution. In a democratic world, being a "Chairman for life" should be something never to be heard of. But his grip on power has sent fear and anguish among core and the broad membership of the APC.

Addressing his fellow comrades of the APC, the former president EBK said he was going to resign as chairman for his party within three months after the pronouncement of the 2018 presidential result. But Hell No! He still holds on power and continues clandestine movements which have the tendencies of undermining the peace we are enjoying as a nation.

Now I understand the true meaning of ’More Time' was rife inside the APC party, with your current actions to hold on to your party's leadership serving as clear evidence. To many Sierra Leoneans, your steps are precedents for danger, and must be denied aloud by the APC membership and Sierra Leoneans at large.

No matter what the unfolding situations or how good a leader might be, one must not stay at the top forever. The late Pa Kabba left a very good legacy of keeping his hands off politics. After serving as president, that automatically makes you a retired citizen. Enjoy your retirement in peace and stop fueling the flames of trouble. We have to come together and speak against EBK's intention to have a grip on to power. This builds the foundation of a failed and corrupt state.

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