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Bintumani Sheikh
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Bintumani Sheikh
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It is so disturbing that this country never seems to recognize the adage that ' you learn from others mistake and not yours".

In 1990, we did not learn from Liberia when they accepted Charles Taylor and his NPFL incursion to unseat a dictator. We paid the price direly with the RUF.

In 2014, we did not learn when Guinea and Liberia reported about Ebola. Mali, Senegal and Ivory Coast all of whom share land borders with Guinea took precautionary measures. We did not and we paid the price direly.

Bosnia and Herzegovina before the 90s was a secular country where moderate Mohammedanism was practice. They elected Izabegovic a hard line as head of the Muslim federation. His reign saw so many so-called Muftis and sheiks visiting  the country. Some even settled there and started religious schools in Muslim dominated towns and cities. By 1990, the Muslim Federation conducted a referendum which only they participated to seek Independence from Yugoslavia. There intention was that with a Muslim majority state, they would create a Sharia state. This  did not go down well with the Serbs who wanted to remain in Yugoslavia and the Croats who wanted to join Catholic dominated Croatia. The demography did not favour the Muslim in their wild ambition as the demography was 40% Muslim, 35% Serbs, 20% Croat and 5% Gypsies and Jews, We saw what resulted. Yes the Serbs over reacted and committed crimes against humanity and even Genocide but the initiators of that event were those fundamentalist wanted a  Wahhabi Like state in a country that had always been moderate.

Now to West Africa. Burkina Faso is predominately a Catholic country that is sandwiched by predominately Muslim Mali and northern Ivory Coast. Over the years, Burkina Faso had allowed it moderate Muslim minority to be influenced by Wahhabi type Islamic practices. Now we are seen the results. Two suicides bombings in a pace of a year.

Is this what we want in our secular Sierra Leone? The video of how this So called Mufti guy is honoured is disturbing and frightened. I hope Sierra Leoneans would learn from countries that have fallen prey to this fundamentalist type of Islam. We have been religious but fundamentalist and we have had our share of bad lucks over the years. I prey we resist this .
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Is SL a Christian state? Why is it alright for Christian evangelists to organize crusades and other public activities in SL but the converse for Muslim preachers? Please take your islamophobia elsewhere. Don't forget we have more Muslims in SL than Christians and our countrymen are not easily lured by aggressive fundamentalism.
Question for Osman
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@Osman, who told you Burkina Faso is a predominantly Christian country? Please get your cactus straight before you post here next time.
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Orman you nar tupit man. Ishmail Menk is a Zimbabwean but have you ever heard of terrorism or fanaticism in that country? And he preaches everyday to people through the electronic media! How can you explain that? When Christians preach at the stadium you keep mum but when Muslims do they are a threat to Salone. Is this not a case of jealousy or malevolence? To whip up your jealousy, Dr. Zakir Naik is also on his way to Salone. Get ready to commit suicide.
Eddie Grant
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I have to say there's serious fundamental flaws in your analysis.
You either failed to follow the massage of this young man or you're just islamophobic. The message propagated by this guy is one that all moderate Muslims are eager to share around the world, especially in the Western world where islam is simply regarded as a religion for extremism. I urge you, if you've not already done so to listen to his interview. You'll find that he's not the extremist type, he wouldn't have been welcomed in Sierra Leone. A country that's being regarded as the most religiously tolerant in the world.
Love Salone
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"Orman you nar tupit man. Ishmail Menk is a Zimbabwean but have you ever heard of terrorism or fanaticism in that country?"- Rumpel

"Raymond Matimba, who was born in Zimbabwe but lived in Manchester before joining ISIS, was filmed in a cafe in Raqqa, Syria, " Yahoo
Spectator 007
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@Beware: Did the misguided Zimbabwean carry out any acts on behalf of ISIS in his country of birth?
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