After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Live Prelude To Presidential Debate 2018 - Click On Image For Content Bintumani IT Unit 74 0
by Bintumani IT Unit
Elections 2018 Polls Bintumani Statistics Unit 1,020 28
by Spectator 007
Bintumani Viewer Statistics Bintumani Statistics Unit 452 1
by Bintumani Statistics Unit
"Samura Kamara Is A National Embarrassment." Na So De Bra Say 56 7
by Peeper Macauley
Down memory lane:Great love songs of yesteryears Lover Boy 27 6
In Mauritius, not oil or diamonds, but good leadership brings the bacon. KL 62 11
by Demographics
Samura¨s message to the SLPP and its clone(the NGC) Chatterbox KKY 30 1
by Chatterbox KKY
After Mandela. KL 87 4
by Cornelius Hamelberg
Undemocratic APC Uses Army To Threaten Opposition Prior To Election Bandelay 55 1
by Cornelius Hamelberg
For KL and other NGC bartoliners Tangajesseh 181 23
by Cornelius Hamelberg
Cheating KL 159 23
by Ishmael Yillah
Fen Plaba! Is this your facebook page profile pic? 870 9
by Fan Of Fen Plaba
Election transparency and fairness Spectator 007 25 0
by Spectator 007
What the SLPP thinks about the participants in the debate Tangajesseh 93 4
by Tangajesseh
Grade presidential debate performance of candidates Spectator 007 174 9
by Tangajesseh
Setiously, villagers? Even Papa God will not sympathize with stupidity. KL 79 3
by KL
The debate KL 37 0
by KL
Live Presidential Debate 2018 - Click On Pic For Content Bintumani IT Unit 86 0
by Bintumani IT Unit
The Presidential Debate ( Today) Cornelius Hamelberg 80 3
Presidential Debate 2018 Bintumani IT Unit 87 3
by Spectator 007
Seriously Bio? KL 138 12
by Spectator 007
Bio Has Done It Again Bio Admirer 70 1
by KL
Campaign Report: Tolongbo Running Scared Teacher Conteh 184 13
by Cornelius Hamelberg
KKY Fever Descends On FBC NGC Media Network 86 3
by Spectator 007
Political party manifestos Spectator 007 197 27
by Corneliusd Hamelberg
NGC Manifesto Live Presentation By Andrew Kielli NGC Media Network 37 0
by NGC Media Network
Tolongbo Blyden VS Tolongbo Samura Kamara Tolongbo Beah 180 10
by Agba Tolongbo
Obasanjo Denies Endorsing Candidate For Sierra Leone Presidency Yoruba 66 2
by Ishmael Yillah
Yumkella Hits The Catacombs Of Freetown And Environs With A New Vibe Maliki Sannoh 69 1
by NGC Media Network
Election Day - Freedom of movement ban Spectator 007 58 1
by Corneliusd Hamelberg
Ernest Koroma's Mercenaries Kill NGC Supporter In Kabala - Click On Pic For Details Breaking News 63 0
by Breaking News
APC - Temne Meaning Salaymatu Jalloh 63 0
by Salaymatu Jalloh
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf wins 2017 Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership Spectator 007 57 1
by Bradford
CRAZINESS Yusif#08 86 3
by Bra Enviable
Why Sengbe hate the Temnes? Question 145 16
by Hehehe
We all want the best for Sierra Leone Cornelius Hamelberg 137 7
by Voter Jeremy
Somano Kapen
1 2
Spectator 007 353 43
by Kamalo Man
Dem cam as Worokes but are now vying for the # 2 spots nationally Sengbe 125 7
by Spectator 007
Brother Needs Help Salone Man For Real 130 17
by Salone Man For Real
Patriots destruction of Eagles Spectator 007 169 28
by KL
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