After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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At least Eddie Grant is taking responsibility for his actions whether he is a tribalist (whatever that means) or not. He is using his known moniker that is why you are able to identify him. What have you to say about Mende forumites with multiple monikers that are constantly abusing Northerners?  
Eddie Grant
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@David Thorlu,
I went to bed before you posted your deceptive caricature of me. Due to the difference in time zones, I was unable to reply quickly.
Now, my friend just answer this simple question: does mentioning the word Mende makes one a tribalist? If yes, then you're the most tribalist of your generation. Secondly, what's so vile about what I said of Mendes?
Please make sure you answer these simple questions clearly with honesty. Perhaps you may want to borrow
Someone's honesty on this forum to do it since honesty is short supply in your part.
If you fail to do that and continue to unduly assassinate my character, you'll be met with thunderous responses lol.
Finally, I'll not labour too much on the issue of the Bo fracas. Perhaps the date is wrong and since I was a very young boy at the time it happened it could be in 1984 but I'm 100 percent sure it happened in one of those dates. Dismissing it as never happen doesn't easily make it go away.
It's people like you, with archaic thinking still retains acts of tribal hate.
David Thorlu
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Eddie Grant,

I will not descend to your low standards of thinking in exchanging insults with you.  I have called you for what you are and I am satisfied with that.  I am also not getting any thrill in communicating with a poorly educated chap like you.  You cannot even put together a few grammatically correct sentences.  Where did you go school?  Batkanu?  LOL!!!

Let me give you some lessons in history.  Did you ever learn about the Marampa and Lunsar strikes in school?  Those were the epitome of Northern tribal hatred in Salone, where Northerners took their machetes and archaic bows and arrows to chase out non-Northerners from the mines.  Do you then realize how reluctant it is for non-Northerners to immigrate to the North?  It is out of fear of folks like Eddie Grant who might take their bows and arrows out to chase out folks that look different that they are.

Look, I was born in Makeni and attended primary school there before leaving for Bo. I will not sit down and let you disparage Bo, a city that has welcomed large numbers of Northerners like me over the years.  Take it from me, the Bo riots that are talking about are only a figment of your imagination.  They have no basis in reality.

You know, what worries me about folks like you is that you aspire to a career in national politics. Yet you are not sophisticated in your thinking.  Your thinking is very much rooted in primitive regional and tribal hegemonic aspirations that clearly run counter to any ambitions of progressive Sierra Leoneans to uplift their country in a globalized world order.  Sierra Leone does not need reprobates of Eddie Grant's ilk.
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Eddy Grant, don't go for the deception; you are dealing with a Mende who fakes to be half Northerner and half Southeasterner. Invite KL to into the debate to demolish this crook. 
Be Careful
Reply with quote  #35 

Invite KL?  LOL!!! Be careful.  This David Thorlu guy is too tough for you folks.  He appears to be a towering intellectual that can bring any of you APC guys down.
Eddie Grant
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David Thorlu,
I have no intention of trading insults with anyone so don't be afraid. I'm far too good for that now.
I'll however not hesitate to take you on in every aspect of life even if it means having to occasionally using slightly informal words to bring you back in line with reality. Your education has no bearing on how I live and do things. What I've accomplished in life at the age of 39 is testament to how successful I've been. You could be highly educated but you are honestly not well educated.
Well educated folks like FP, Sage, Bra Specky etal can never immersed themselves into your type of pomposity.
So I advise you to drop this PhD of yours and concentrate on how you can transform yourself into a non tribalist. This habit of yours is becoming an entrenched sickness in your brain.
The fracas in Bo did happened you can deny it as much as you can but the fact still remains. I'm not going to deny or support your claim of riot in Marampa because I wasn't there and never heard of it. And this even brought us back to the crux of this topic. I stated earlier that bothered APC and SLPP have scores to settle with each other therefore we must do away with them. If a similar behaviour took place in the north as in Bo then what's the farce trying to make me look like a tribalist when in fact you're the most tribalist on the forum.

@Olu, you need not mention about his fake alter-ego. He easily exposed himself from his first post. The name Thorlu is exclusively Temne, that we know. What I don't get is the fact that this guy is using it as a surname which is unheard-of. Temnes will never use the nickname 'Thorlu ' as a last name. There's ample evidence that this guy is suffering from inferiority complex, he has to pass of as having heritage from the north in order to promote his hate for Northerners.
Illogical & unreasonable
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Eddie Grant,

I will not descend to your low standards of thinking in exchanging insults with you.  I have called you for what you are and I am satisfied with that.  I am also not getting any thrill in communicating with a poorly educated chap like you.  You cannot even put together a few grammatically correct sentences.  Where did you go school?  Batkanu?  LOL!!!-----David Thorlu

When a self-proclaimed PhD holder says one thing in blue and backs it up with something so out of sync in red, you know then he is not well educated.
Principal Manneh
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@ Eddie Grant, is Eddie Grant your real name?  Does David Thorlu have to use his real name?  So who cares if Thorlu is not a last name in Themne?  Isn't your task to counter the man's arguments.  Why bother about what name he is using.

@ Illogical & unreasonable, your arguments truly reflect the meaning of the moniker you are using.  Everything you stated in your comments make no sense.  You guys better bring AFK or some other intelligent APC guy to take on Thorlu.  Otherwise he is just going to destroy you guys.
Reply with quote  #39 
Principal Manneh, do not become part of the statistics of unreasonable folks. Explain how the man's comments   make no sense. 
Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #40 
Principal Manneh,
You have the same peanut brain as David Thorlu. You're unable to comprehend anything as simple as someone using a full name to convince others that he is a northerner so as to justify his tirade on the genuine Northerners.
No wonder, people like you purport to be holders of high standard of education but with low standard of lifetime achievements. Your degrees are simply trophies to show off and not to achieve.
It is a pity that our country continue to produce people of your ilk.
Principal Manneh
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Eddie Grant,

I am an innocent guy weighing in on the debate.  Please desist from attacking me.  I also request that you quit this debate as you are not making any sense.  I think it is foolish on your part to debate with someone that is far more intelligent than you.  I come in peace, my brother.
Eddie Grant
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Principal Manneh,
Your definition of innocence sucks. You can claim innocence as much as you like but you cannot fool me because I'm not a fool like you.
I don't care if you come in peace or trying to pull me down. I'll take you on anytime as long as you continue your hypocrisy. I'm not a child you can boss around I'm far more intelligent than you and David Thorlu put together so cut your David Thorlu praise singing crap and face me directly I'm waiting.
Reply with quote  #43 
No you did not come in peace stop lying. Eddie Grant is on steroids and ready to stretch his intellectual muscles. Please no dobaley.
Grammar Detective
Reply with quote  #44 
"I don't care if you come in peace or trying to pull me down. "  Eddie Grant

Bing!!! Stop butchering the queens language!!!
Reply with quote  #45 
Hehehehe, they are at it again! They attack with their big mouths and once you kick their backsides they go undercover and start throwing stones.
Krio Boy
Reply with quote  #46 
Dorti Olu,

You guys better get some educated folks to fight for you on this forum.  Your Themne behinds are being kicked too hard.   This time it is by your own half-brother, David Thorlu.

Olu AKA Musa Kenema, Eddie Grant, King Loggy?  Nah!!! not good enough, poorly educated.  Where are the great Fen Plaba and AFK?  Oh!!! before I forget, Fen Plaba crossed over.  He is a Bo School boy.  So he went back to his roots - Southeast and SLPP.  Hehehehehe.
Eddie Grant
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Don't mind these fools. I know all their tactics and I'm ready to kick their butts left, right and centre.
Their attempt to call for a ceasefire has failed, they knew that the only weapon they have is being dismantled right in front of them. Even their hired mercenaries are no match for me.
Once their behaviour allowed me to latch on their behind, I'll make sure they run like coward dogs with their tails tucked right behind their legs.
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