After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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KL: "Knice what are the differences between tribal based voting in Sierra Leone and radical/ehtnic/religious/lifestyle/regional based voting in the US? Why do these differences not affect the US (negatively?) as much as they do Sierra Leone?"

KL, the USA is a much more mature nation, with a politically more mature population, and efficient and responsive institutions in place to prevent a single individual or interest group from taking the nation far out on a limb. One can say that elections are the key into democracy; free and independent institutions are the vascular infrastructure that maintain democracy; and checks and balances are the lubricant that facilitate smooth running of the entire setup.  The USA has a highly decentralized structure of governance. There are the three equal branches of the federal government. Then there are the fifty autonomous states and their own respective institutions. There are also county, municipal, and local jurisdictions with their own institutions. We must also not overlook a robust private sector which is even more diversified. At the foundation of this structure is a clear and concise constitution to which Americans regardless of political, ethnic, religious, lifestyle, regional, or economic persuasion are by and large loyal. The supreme court as interpreter of the constitutions enjoys the respect of the American people and they turn to it especially when they disagree. Also, during over more than two hundred years of nationhood, Americans have formed a strong national identity of which they are very proud. The remarkable aspect of this identity is how open, and tolerant, and welcoming it is to new membership. It is why you and I, immigrants from a continent very much unlike America, have been smoothly assimilated into American society.

Sierra Leone on the other hand is a near exact opposite from the American environment. Sure we have embraced elections, but not very well at that. But we have invested more time and treasure in undoing institutions than in creating supportive ones. I believe that our biggest miscue is that we have concentrated all authority into the office of the president; so much so that our welfare remains at the mercy of the character, competence, and vision of whoever is president. It is no surprise therefore that Sierra Leone is not as resilient as the USA.  

KL, I think your question is very timely. President Trump with his immigration executive order has aroused all the forces I speak of, and which make the USA so resilient. Follow the news in the next possibly several months, and learn how a country can be run for the good of all her citizens and residents.

Sengbe: "I do not understand why the composition in the partisan structure  in Sierra Leone is a dilemma? Especially since we are a TRIBAL nation constituting of these different tribes you have named, and more".

Sengbe, being a tribal nation is not the issue. In this we are only like most of the world. If you you look around the world, diverse national populations are the rule; and homogeneous ones, the exception. The point I was trying to make is this: If northern tribes bolted the SLPP to form the APC which continues to be unattractive to south-easterners, why can we expect a PPP type party to succeed?  In our admirable efforts to grapple with our many problems, I think we frequently mistake effect for cause and when we fall into this pitfall, we reduce our chances of coming up with the right and effective solutions. I saw this in proposals to relocate the capital city. To me the location of Freetown is not the problem. Our inability to create and maintain a modern city is. In any other location, we will still be unable to create and maintain a modern city unless the right changes are made. In the same vein, the SLPP and the APC are not the problems as such. The inability or perhaps unwillingness for the respective memberships of these parties to come together to forge a national identity and to rally around a national purpose is in my opinion the real problem.  

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Knice,  great points! I have a few questions pertaining to the Trump's immigration policy. Will check later as soon as I get through my weekend hangover. 
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