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ISISRecruiters in Salone?
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"Jalloh, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Sierra Leone, had traveled back to Africa with his father in 2015. While there, he met an Islamic State recruiter. In August 2015, Jalloh traveled from Sierra to Leone to stay with the group’s facilitator. He intended to travel to Libya to join the Islamic State, but the plans fell through."
APC ISIS Connection
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The APC allegedly allowed another ISIS big to escape from an Obama dragnet which was closing in on him in Sierra Leone....

it was alleged that Ibrahim Bah (the wanted man)managed to escape arrest by US authorities after receiving a tip off by some "State House Connection"...

Sierra Leone's former Attorney General purportedly claimed that the wanted man has been arrested and handed over to Senegalese authorities....

and an embarrassed President was allegedly  forced to  sack  his "friend" (AG) after the Senegalese authorities protested and refuted those unfounded claims.

In fact.the matter became further complicated after the alleged "State House Connection" moved up in rank to become a full cabinet minister in the country..

Under Donald Trump,...Ee lek oona appoint APC criminals dem as "Kings or Queens"..all APC ISIS APC collaborators are sure to face the punitive measures like those which prohibited Late President Tejan Kabba from being issued a US visa without a diplomatic passport!! ...

Trump says "BAN ISIS From the US" ...Period!

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