After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Bintumanians, and Peepers/Readers:

Do they have institutions in Saro that conduct polls in order to gauge the attitudes and opinions of citizens in the population pertinent to their social and political views? How about partisan polling? Does that exist anywhere amongst the major political parties? If not, should it not exist?

I bring this up because there are a lot of supporters of Maada Bio who always state matter-of-factly that Bio is the most popular SLPPian, but show us no tangible evidence to the effect. I have requested this evidence on a number of occasions but to no avail. These supporters usually run away when the query is made, but usually come back on another occasion to state the same fallacy with no scientific poll to back them.

Let us do like they do in my adopted homeland, the USA, and conduct polls regularly to determine the positive way forward in the social and political directions the nation is taking.

Do you all agree to this suggestion? If not, please state why.
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Karmor KonKarmor Konuwah, I agree to your suggestion/s

In other words we don't know if it's the silent majority that is pro- Brigadier Bio or if it's only a tiny vocal minority comprising both Brigadier Bio's Honourable San San Boys Brigades and some of the pompous, old okobo elite , even if we can count some of the noise - one, two, three - and locate exactly where – and from whom it is coming from.

So, we ought to have a census of the Diaspora – I was surprised a pro -Trump website features Sierra Leone as one of the top Muslim countries that has been supplying refugees to the United States (12, 000 souls :

In this just concluded UK Referendum the roughly 3- 5 million Diaspora Brits living in Spain, Australia etc. were eligible to vote - and that vote is contributing to making a difference...

A significant percentage of Sierra Leone’s intelligentsia is located abroad, mostly in the West and a good number of the Sierra Leone media outlets are also located outside of the country, thereby giving them more leeway as far as freedom of speech is concerned. DrDavid Tam Baryoh would not have been facing the same kinds of detention problems, denying him unfettered freedom of speech to be a satirist and a critic of whatever government or corrupt system nor would his popular monologue radio programme have been shut down if he had been broadcasting from the UK, Canada or the United States.

Kweshon : Shouldn't the Sierra Leone Diaspora West which is a quite sizeable one, be pressing to be given voting rights ?

Once the Diaspora Sierra Leoneans are given the right to vote from abroad, the government would be paying more attention to the Diaspora (like Senegalese foreign policy) and not only as a source of financial support through their home remittances, without which the Sierra Leone people's economies would be in more dire straits (more sufferation).

If the APC government could statistically ascertain that they have a nicely dependable majority of supporters in the Diaspora , then if should be convenient for them to register and enfranchise those Saro diaspora souls. (But they will take their time , thinking over the matter carefully, because their Diaspora support is not necessarily a constant and things could change very very rapidly. That's why they are still chewing on this matter, very very carefully: Once they open that door they can not shut it again just because it doesn't suit them any more...

Government of the people for the people by the people - not government of the people by the criminals for the criminals. (Howz dis for bombast : political crooks in public positions running criminal institutions for personal profit only . They their gangs and their kabudus. (Me noh call name oh! )



Forum Commie
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Sengbe, I suspect there are enormous obstacles to polling in Sierra Leone. There being no primaries to pick the party nominee as in the US, but rather a convention where party delegates gather to decide (and be bribed or coerced in some cases), iit is not clear who it would matter to if the party rank and file, or ordinary people in a given region or district known to lean SLPP- liked any particular candidate and the reasons why. Do ruling elites choose to back a candidate based on what their local people think? Or are they persuaded by other factors like tribal, family, or business connections, or by money? Would knowing what ordinary people favor make a difference to those who do vote for the party nominee?

Serious polling by trained social scientists requires funding, well-funded non-profit organizations and media who understand the demographic breakdown, what categories besides region, ethnicity, and religion - literacy and education, for example - to get an accurate cross-sample, and what types of questions to formulate that will give a good picture of the peoples political outlook and expectations of a candidate. A professional and independent media is also helpful.

There probably are surveys of people taken there by academics and orgs who are conducting research, but not likely a nationwide survey that would give the same results as the polls we have.
Gbonical Pollster
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Numbers do not lie my friends.

If a lot of folks are saying that Bio is the man to beat in the imminent presidential race and you have not heard of an alternative name that even comes close to his popularity, then maybe you should stop unjustifiably being doubting Thomases. 

As FC suggested, scientific polling can be an expensive exercise and therefore the hundreds of thousands of folks who strongly believe that Bio is well ahead of his competition (both within SLPP and APC that is), may just be right on the money. They must be using the unorthodox polling by sight technique.  But since most of you fellas are in the Diaspora, you may not be privy to have experienced or felt his mammoth crowd pulling effect. The young man has followers. And I mean humongous crowds.

Here are some images of Bio in action - only a hew months ago:

Pictorial evidence 1 (2016): Bio, the people's choice in SL politics today
Guys, please name me one OE (from SLPP or APC) that can attract this sort of crowd on short notice... and the joke will be on you. Try it.... make us roll with laughter during this Ramadan month. Please give it a try.  Name me just one person from SLPP or APC 

Pictorial evidence 2: Another of Bio's crowd (aka Dae Jemmeteh) - last quarter, 2015 in Kenema


JMB filled this stadium on a couple of hours notice of his arrival in Bo a few months ago 
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Wishing the Diaspora North a Glad Midsummer!


General Konouwah,

Forum Commie,

Gbonical Pollster,

“citizens in the population”,

 A tentative conclusion : Due to the many disputes and the large number of candidates vying for the position, in the name of fairness, transparency, justice, it would seem that the best way forward for SLPPians would be that they conduct primaries by which the people in each region of the country decide who they want to represent them and the candidate that wins most votes nationwide is chosen to be the flag-bearer.

And that they unite behind such a candidate, whomsoever he or she may be.

If unchecked and unchanged, when it comes to the SLPP palm trees choosing their presidential candidate the tradition goes back further than that “ Makeni Conbention” of 2005 and what Ambassador John Ernest Leigh described in his letter of resignation from the SLPP:

“….someone with my background, experience and upbringing cannot belong to a political party fronted by ex-junta personalities and under the sordid influence of those I personally know as nation-wreckers, money-grubbing lying rogues, false pretenders for money and such-like characters; not to mention the widespread acceptance in secret and off-camera of voodoo juju-swear ceremonies as part and parcel of the party’s unofficial ’democratic’ process in selecting its leadership.

 Even if genuine the photos of Brer Bio filling stadiums to maximum capacity so recently,  are impressive, but we should not draw premature conclusions from these mammoth meet-ings of people in green, because there were similar pictures in 2012 too and yet the Brigadier was roundly defeated by His Excellency, President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, thus proving who in the whole country is the people's man.

In the absence of any “scientific” opinion polls even General Sengbe Pieh Konouwah himself has been frequently guilty of committing the “fallacy” that he ascribes to others as he himself has asserted a number of times in this forum that the excess baggage which the SLPP's idol Brigadier Bio carries is bound to do him too much damage at the polls as was scientifically demonstrated in the most reliable opinion poll yet conducted by the people of Sierra Leone, the 2012 elections in which Brigadier Bio polling a mere 37% thereby suffered a humiliating defeat when the Sierra Leone People delivered an accurate democratic verdict on the merits of his opponent, Ernest O'Bai Koroma :

By now it's almost universally acknowledged, as understood and expressed by various savants in this forum, both SLPPian and APC partisans, that Bio carries too much baggage to be electable ( by the whole nation)

It's not merely doing some photo shoot-outs with some rent-a-crowd dyed in green at select venues such as the traditional SLPP strongholds of Bo or Kenema that shows who's the man ! When he can generate similar enthusiasm in any Northern towns such as I assume Dr. Kandeh Yumkella for example as a Northerner should be able to do, we would then be talking seriously about Bio posing a serious challenge in 2018… The demographics are clear enough : The APC North - SLPP South divide, the Western Area which has always been an APC Strong hold as the saying goes, he who wins the East becomes the next president and I guess if EBK can win the East then he becomes a third termer ( smile…. I know it's not that funny)

But Bio 2018 will not necessarily be a repeat of Bio 2012, and what could be different this time around with a united SLPP ? A greater number of disaffected youth do not automatically throw themselves all into the arms of the SLPP when the youths even if united by their suffering are divided along ethnic lines, no matter the SLPP's heavenly electoral promises, that they will miraculously transport everybody from presently dwelling in the conditions known as hell on earth to paradise, a transformed Sierra Leone…

This is how it was before the 2007 elections which swept Ernest Bai Koroma to power ( office) :



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Great commentary Cornelius but with some very serious flaws.

There will be no third term bid by Mr Ade-buy-all Koroma. Take this to the bank. We all know that Mr Ernest Ade-buy-all Koroma is not the brightest kid in the country. But as dull as he may be, he has managed to convince himself that an unconstitutional third term bid will be tantamount to declaring war on himself and the nation. He does not want to end up with his friend Gbagbo.
Image result for image gbagbo and ernest koromaImage result for image gbagbo and ernest koroma
"After me nar you!" says Gbagbo. Even as stupid as EBK is he will not want
to be roughed up like this

With all due respect to KKY, he is a brilliant and enterprising gentleman but unfortunately he is not a known name in today's SL politics - particularly in SLPP, as he is in the Diaspora. Mindful that Diasporans so not vote in SL, this "oversea" support is simply redundant. 
This KKY "crowd" and banner gives you an idea about what we are talking about
Simply put Cornelius, it is impossible for KKY to attract the quantum of crowd that JMB routinely gets even in Kambia his home district - without the support of heavyweights like Bio, Timbo et al. This is just how politics works. If people do not know you, your work is cut our for you. KKY is hopefully going to be on the SLPP ticket nonetheless - as soon as he must come off his Diasopra high horse first.

With respect to Bio's well touted political baggage, this is just trash talk by opponents and succor for them as well - it makes them feel better so it is rehashed over and over again. It has no impact on the electorate. Its a bit like the "Crooked Hilary" baggage that Trump sings about everyday [Benghazi, SD emails, the Clinton Foundation business deals with foreign states... even theft in more recent days]; as it is like the Trump baggage that his Republican colleagues sang about [Trump University scams, fraudulent bankruptcies, producing Trump products in China, Mehico, Thailand, et al, insulting women, banning Muslims, etc]. These are all water on a duck's back as one of them is going to be President with all the alleged baggage. I don't want to rehash EBK's bagage here. 

The major problem for the APC is that they do not even have a candidate yet. And their brewing succession war has not even started yet. Add this to what ADP's Mohamed Kamarabai is doing in the North, and your well touted demographic analyses falls off the cliff.

You should find time to visit Salone again Cornelius. I know you have been away for too long. Frankly JEL is just a cheap old man waitiong to collect some change from the Salone kitty and would careless uf it was from APC, AFRC or any westside boys. Tem don beat dae man en arrangut is his biggest undoing. No one believes that this clown is a principled man. Even APC
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G P,

Hopefully, this Ramadan Mohamed Kamarabai the spoiler will come to his senses , so that we will see a level playing field in the land of the rising sun, a United APC our battle cry, “Now or Never Forward Ever” versus a party of united palm trees for the epic battle of 2018...

You are absolutely right about this one thing: It's difficult to feel and sense the election atmosphere in Sierra Leone, if you are not there. Israelis say the same thing to the Diaspora, that in order to be in a position to make political decisions for Israelis (Israeli Jews) then you have to at least live there - be there in person, to feel the heat. To a slight extent that may be the only disadvantage that Yumkella may suffer from , namely his temporary absence, even though not a prolonged absence from the scene

 It may be true that, ”Simply put Cornelius, it is impossible for KKY to attract the quantum of crowd that JMB routinely gets even in Kambia his home district - without the support of heavyweights like Bio, Timbo et al.”

Given the number of palm trees in Bo I can understand that they can be described as “ the quantum of crowd” when Bio their idol and redeemer shows up, but does he get that kind of crowd in Makeni too? Maybe the crowds in Kambia are drawn by a curiosity that will in no way translate into support for his candidacy. I'm sure that if Trump would turn up in Magburaka, the masses that would turn up just to behold his hairstyle would exceed the kind of crowd that Bio would command anywhere in Bombali or Tonkolili.

Right now, the man of the moment and the SLPP's only hope: Kandeh Yumkella:

 Don’t say that I didn't tell you. Any other SLPP candidate will bite the dust as a failure. Maybe Bio is being inspired by another military man ( I was in Nigeria for his first coming) my man Muhammadu Buhari who was finally , democratically elected on his fourth attempt . But not only is Bio not that patient or tenacious (and only time will tell) Bio is no Buhari – that's why it's now do or die for Brigadier Bio and I fear that the wind will be blowing in the other direction. I may be wrong of course and Bio might even try, try again in 2023, 2028 and 2033 by which time he may of course have lost some of his original baggage...

Given the demographic reality of Sierra Leone's ethnic diversity the electoral arithmetic is simple: If e.g. Kandeh Yumkella is fielded as the SLPP's presidential candidate and Bio & co, John Opongo B & Timbo etc. unite behind him, then most likely the mammoth crowds that would have voted for Bio or Timbo or Oponjo's candidate would happily cast their ballot for a technocrat of Yumkella's calibre and whose international status lends credibility to seriousness and purposefulness and as a Northerner Dr. Yumkella (of Susu, Fullah and Limba heritage would in addition to the loyal votes from the SLPP's traditional ethnic strongholds also definitely harvest additional votes from Northerners, votes that they have never and would never give to Brigadier Bio because that's the nature of tribal politics in Sierra Leone ( as was shown in 2012) and partly because of Bio's aforementioned excess baggage which weighs him down, and that's why his candidature simply won't fly…

 Still keeping an open mind,



Milton Akpata
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I  am here to debate ..and not interested in throwing k@k@ all over the place like our APC cousins.

I also would like to remind our SLPP elites on the other side, that respect  is a two way street.. and if they don’t give it away,..they cannot expect to  get it back! 

Now to the point of this debate!.........................................

Did polls not predict that the “remain side will prevail over the leave side” in the Brexit polls????

Did polls not fail to predict a Bernie Sanders win in Michigan??????????

Polls or no polls in Sa Lone today,..the  majority  of part activists believe that the sine qua non for SLPP flagbearer  is a candidate who is able  to carry his home district. period !

We know that Bio will win Bo hands down!, and Yumkella  can at least turn Kambia  into a battleground.

So, to those  party establishment elite who plan to thwart the will of the people with”crooked polls and lightweight candidates….I say!..this is 2016!... times have changed!  …We fully understand that we have to WIN the forthcoming elections!... and this movement to field  Yumkella /Bio ticket  is REAL/SOLID and  well intentioned in the grass root level of the party! Our SLPP!!...

All over the Ataya centers in the country today… Youthman dem say , …way Bio en Yumkella dem  bin day rule,..di country bin clean,..dorty nor bin occupy di city …en EBOLA  nor bin day!.... da wan day norto poll oh !...nar reality!

So, at the end of the day the election outcomes will reflect ..neither biased polls,..nor lofty posts ....but the the reality on the ground!!!


Bo district
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Milton Akpata,

What makes Bo Maadia Bio's home district?
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Bo is the regional capital of Mendeline and the national headquarters of the Sierra Leone People's Party.
Fact is that with the party solidly behind him, whoever is the SLPP flag bearer will be capable of winning Bo hands down. By the way my younger brother is an honorary chief of Bo town
Milton Akpata
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@ Bo district, please let us not quibble over Semantics my friend!

Yes!  Bio was born in Bonthe ..but the reality is that he attended school in Bo where he 

became a very popular Head Boy,...As a progressive student leader,JMB was renown for

taking the bite out of traditional drilling of students..  ..Fact is..,Bio is popular in Bo

today MORE than other SLPP "sons of the soil"....,so in reality Bio's stronghold is

Bonthe and Bo because he can them hands down!. 

Dr. Yumkella on the other hand attended CKC where he was also the School's Head Boy.

He is also married to a wife who was  born and bred in BO

From CKC, Dr KKY moved on to Njala University College.. where he emerged as a Student Union President involved in many challenges to APC's one party rule.

The argument is simple my friend…youths are saying that this is their time….and those

individuals like Yumkella and Bio who mustered the testicular fortitude as concerned

to defy status quo,…have earned their respect and support to become "alagbas"

in a polity predominated by young people. 


This  2016 my friend!!!!!..The SHIFT is REAL…the young people have taken control of the

Party and their destiny . ...and dem say ““Monkey nor go woke for meke Babu dem

majestically cam eat up everything  lekeh before! 

That is why a Bio/Yumkella ticket is the most viable proposition for a successful SLPP.

Fen Plaba!
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I just want to make a few comments as I eat my sokoli at 3:25 am.

1) Those juxtaposed pictures of Gbagbo smiling royally with Ernest Koroma, and being dragged away like a common arata have nothing to do with people's people or life's bell curve of vicissitudes. It has everything to do with the colonial master's cold imperial decision that Cote d'Ivoire was ripe for a regime change from one house negro to the other, especially after Gbagbo thumbed his nose at France and told them to go langba themselves.

Same story with Gaddafi. He ran a nutsy Crase Yard out there in the Libyan Desert for forty years, keeping his people under tight control. When they rose up, he quickly subdued them and was about to overrun the last outpost of rebellion when America, France and Britain declared war and bombed the crap out of the Paramount Chief of Africa- unleashing the horrors that are floating to the doorsteps of Europe today. The lesson for African leaders who want to have a long and healthy presidential life is clear: You can be all the monster you wanna be, as long as you are the West's monster.

2) I fear that electoral victory for SLPP may already be lost, regardless of any strategic permutation of Prezo/Veep ticket- and I say this with a heavy heart. There is just so much bad blood in SLPP, and the various camps find perverse glee in directing their fire at each other, instead of the APC. As badly as I want to see the back of APC, I don't see how this is possible when SLPP continues this mess.

3) Back in the old days, and as a tolerable grotesquerie of our tribal politics, "Medeline" will reliably vote SLPP and "Temneline" will vote APC. The only way to change that math was by blody thuggery, which Dictator Siaka Stevens practised very well indeed in the 70s and 80s. Ernest Koroma says to hell with all that. Yes, he may occasionally send out thugs to burn down the shack of a local SLPP chairman, and parade a squad of OSD cops to intimidate the opposition; but by and large, he does not employ large scale thuggery.

What he does instead, and does very well too, is buy the silence/acquiescence of red and green politicians, and bringing the Judiciary to heel. With this playbook, Ernest Koroma can unconstitutionally remove a vice president, declare victory in Kenema, Kailahun or Bo after an APC defeat- and in effect ensuring APC rule far into the future, all with a benign smile.

Reply with quote  #13 
FP my revered brother, whilst I agree with you largely on the highhanded Colonial influence in terminating the Gbagbo and Gaddafi rules, I am still compelled to hold my ground that their prolonged stay in power was the alibi the orportos used for their self-centered armed invasions. I agree that in the case of Libya particularly, it was a clear case of state-sponsored armed robbery gone awry - using NATO as muscle/gunmen. Libya will be a failed state for sometime to come and the European borders that Gaddaffi protected for decades is now wide open. No wonder some pundits have dubbed NATO as ISIS's very own Air Force: wherever they bomb - ISIS colonizes with  ground troops.

Let me not deviate. The key message that I tried to convey using the pics  was that regardless of EBK's large wardrobe filled with fine pinstriped suits and red ties, he will be roughed up and most likely banged up, should he decide to enforce an unconstitutional  third term for himself. All indications are that he is eyeing his after U nar U agenda.

This essentially means that the APC has no real candidate yet and their succession battles have not even started yet. The pics were also intended to tell EBK and his goons that power never lasts forever - so he should yuk' thegbeh and not get carried away by promoting the kinda violence we saw in Kono earlier this year and what he has been trying to do in the Kailahun and Port Loko bye-elections slated for July! He is not going to be able to do the Pa Shaki-Agbashatni combo. This is 2016, an age of new media, very apt in coordinating resistance to tyranny.

I am with you 110% on the dire need for SLPP to aim their firepower at the APC and not the almost routine friendly casualties that they have become notorious for. These friendlies, whilst very unfortunate was inevitable. SLPP has been leaderless for two decades and that vacuum and lack of planning is what the internal wrangling is  all about.   I am confident though that peace and unity will reign soon - most likely after the ongoing lower elections and the ultimate FB contest. When the dust settles, I am rooting for a JMB-KKY ticket, with Alie Kabba playing a central role in the party's future direction and leadership - post 2018.

On EBK's ATM modus operandi, sooner or later his money-doling formula will boomerang. VP Sumana and Musa Tarawalie that he empowered for example are both in exile now and gagging for revenge. Several chiefs and politicians that he is paying off will turncoat as soon as he becomes a lame duck. This is why he is still not keen on anointing a successor that will mark the official start date of being a lame duck. Will he anoint a Limba or Themne? Or will he go for the rascal mende man, Foe. The internal war that awaits them is going to be fierce - if not brutal.
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It surely is not illegal to grant president Koroma the possibility of contesting the next presidential elections by duly amending the Sierra Leone Constitution in order to do so?
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Following your logic Cornelius, it is also not illegal for an elected President to wage war on his own people and country? He was voted for after all nor to so?

Boh fellow stop wishing ill on our impoverished nation. Our people are really suffering and maybe you should leave your comfortable abode in Sweden and visit one of these days - just to find out how painful living conditions are for the vast majority of our people. Wata sef nor for drink broda. Most cannot even afford one decent meal a day not to mention health care and education for their children.

Koroma going for a 3rd term after all the mess he has created and the battered economy he has ensured will be resisted by even APC members that are patriotic. Gbagbo will have company eventually. Like some one said earlier, they guy is a dunce, but even an idiot knows not to tempt the populace to their limits. he has gotten away with replacing an elected VP with a friend of his. Do you really think he should now bring another civil war in our nascent democracy by doing the mugabe or the gbagbo? Does Ade-buy-all own Salone? Is he the only one out of our 7 million that must lead?

We Dare Oonna
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Gbagbo will have company eventually.@Answer

All the huffings and puffings about EBK 3rd term is crap!We will never get to that point because,If APC dare interfere with our precious democracy again,the soldiers will oust them and conduct fair elections with the support and supervision of international stakeholders.period!
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"High we exalt thee, realm of the free;
Great is the love we have for thee;
Firmly united ever we stand,
Singing thy praise, O native land.
We raise up our hearts and our voices on high,
The hills and the valleys re-echo our cry;
Blessing and peace be ever thine own,
Land that we love, our Sierra Leone.

One with a faith that wisdom inspires,
One with a zeal that never tires;
Ever we seek to honour thy name,
Ours is the labour, thine the fame.
We pray that no harm on thy children may fall,
That blessing and peace may descend on us all;
So may we serve thee ever alone,
Land that we love, our Sierra Leone.

Knowledge and truth our forefathers spread,
Mighty the nations whom they led;
Mighty they made thee, so too may we
Show forth the good that is ever in thee.
We pledge our devotion, our strength and our might,
Thy cause to defend and to stand for thy right;
All that we have be ever thine own,
Land that we love, our Sierra Leone”

We are aware of the political history of Sierra Leone (some, more than others) of the various trials and tribulations, the vagaries and vicissitudes - and milestones, from 1787 to now.

Please, let us be serious. My umbilical cord is lodged at the Cotton Tree an that's enough reason for not wanting to be banned by the cyberspace governor-generals of Bintumani or indeed deported from Sierra Leone, land of the free, for merely making what sounds like reasonable sense to me.

In the religion sphere who has the authority to abrogate or replace the Ten Commandments - the Divine Constitution that the Almighty Himself gave to the Nation of Israel that was assembled at Mt. Sinai?

I should like to assert what you and everyone else including the experts among the constitutional lawyers already know, that unlike the Ten Commandments, the man-made Sierra Leone Constitution was not written in stone for all eternity and that following due process, the Sierra Leone Constitution - and indeed any Constitution the world over, is therefore amenable to change, liable to amendment/s, adjustments...

I believe in the power of the people who as you say are the ones who elect and elected Sierra Leone's Mr. President, Ernest Bai Koroma.

Now it would seem that the “fallacy” is – if I may so call it , that most of those who oppose the idea of the Constitution being amended so as to enable this and future Sierra Leone presidents the possibility of presenting themselves for the verdict of the people for a third time - delivered through a free and fair Presidential Election – their opposition to the idea they will say is based on a principle. Which principle? What we can see is tangible - that their opposition to amending the Sierra Leone Constitution is based on a palpable fear and a singular assumption : That the current President Ernest Bai Koroma is so great and so popular that he would thereby automatically win a third term which in itself in my opinion is not a bad idea, if that is the will of the Sierra Leone people. Now, what should be so evil about a one or two-termer Jesus redeemer type gestalt or some other holy or not so holy person being subject to the will of the people and being possibly elected for a third term, having not accomplished all that should be accomplished by the Messiah when he hits the ground running, the first time? ( Which reminds me today is one hundred and three days since Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden said that she would “ hit the ground running” in her “first 100 days “)

Answer, as I see it, first of all you say that a third term is a non-starter because such an idea “will be resisted by even APC members that are patriotic” as if unlike SLPP members, all APC members are not patriotic. By APC members I suppose that you are not referring to the two thirds parliamentary majority that I assume would be necessary to suitably amend the Sierra Leone Constitution or should it be subject to a simple majority referendum?

  The wrong foundation to your argument is the assumption that President Koroma is re-electable in spite of all the indices you present , indices that should normally mitigate against anyone in his shoes winning a third term , namely “ Our people are really suffering”, “ painful living conditions are for the vast majority of our people. Wata sef nor for drink broda. Most cannot even afford one decent meal a day not to mention health care and education for their children.”, “the mess he has created and the battered economy he has ensured”, and that “he has gotten away with replacing an elected VP with a friend of his” - a friend of his who is potentially the next APC flag bearer.


I understand that you are opposed to the idea of a third term even talk of a possible “civil war”, but btw, if elections were to be held today (Sunday – an early third term proposition) who do you think would win a straight shoot-out (Presidential election) in which the contestants are on the one hand the palm tree's Bio & whoever and the APC's Ernest Bai Koroma & running mate Victor Foh ?

You bring up Gbagbo - who is irrelevant to our discussion really. If anything you could most appropriately begin to compare Gbagbo to t the original trouble-maker Akpata Margai who refused to concede after he had lost the 1967 General Elections poor loser brought in his brother -in-law David Lansana to declare Martial Law. I remember that day very clearly , driving an APC-red Triumph convertible and blowing the horn all the way from Mt. Aureole to the State House, passing Shahineh Taqi ( Ibrahim Taqi's wife ) with whom I exchanged felicitations on the Mt. Aureole- Govt Model School the evening, “Curfew time”, I had to negotiate (with some soldiers) my way to my temporary hideout in Leicester…

We know that the SLPP are fond of calling in the military…


Must now update my blog :


Spectator 007
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Polling on issues pertaining to politics has always fascinated me.

A lot of our views are often shaped by views of those we talk to; folks who we share similar views with. Polls enlighten us about how other people may view an issue.

How can credible polling be conducted in Salone safely?
Milton Akpata
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Bo Duya Oona tell da irrelevant Grandpa,.. professor,.. uncle,...teacher,....Ngor,... Kotor,..  Sengbe say

""dar Bird way day eat rice ee nor day meke noise ya!!

Dem pa dem time don pass...dem pekin dem don take over.

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CERTAINLY! the SLPP Alagbas on the ground have now come to their collective senses with this PEACE deal within the confines of the party they have agreed to sign, and that is GOOD news to me, and everyone who loves the SLPP. But can they keep it up?

You state and I quote:

"...Bo Duya Oona tell da irrelevant Grandpa,.. professor,.. uncle,...teacher,....Ngor,... Kotor,..  Sengbe say..."

But why do you consider me to be irrelevant?

Of-course you are correct about Sengbe being a Grandpa, Professor, Uncle, teacher, Ngor, and Kotor, but Irrelevant? I don't think so, based on the written support I have given to that Party for over twenty years on the http://www.

Do you know much money it would have cost the SLPP if the party had to pay for those eloquent verbal articulations in her favor over the years? Millions of both dollars and Euros, and trillions of Leones. Were you alive when Sengbe took upon himself to offer this free service to the SLPP many years ago, Mr. Johnny-Come-Lately?

I will still be in my adopted homeland in the USA in 2018, so I will NOT be on the ground to vote for the standard bearer of the SLPP, but I will financially support the democratically (s)elected standard bearer of the party even if VP Foh represents the APC in the contest. Is that why you think I am "irrelevant" - for not being able to vote for your man, BIO? Well I voted for Hillary Clinton, but she lost to the Dunce through the electoral college. I mourned that loss, but have since moved on, and now the American people are witnessing what I foresaw in the Dunce to their utmost disgust in only three weeks.

Borbor nor fiteye me again!!!
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