After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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So if you had the chance to form a new party (lets face it a new party would stand very little chance but anyway...), what rules would you set for who could compete for the flag bearer position? Assume you have total freedom. Whatever you say goes. How would you make sure your flag bearer was actually capable of taking us forward and not just being more of the same. You could for instance ban everyone who has ever held a ministerial post?

Personally, I would set up a 'Fit and Proper Persons Test' and hire a Commonwealth judge to do the individual candidate appraisals before their names could go forward. My flag bearers would have to pass tests in:

-Integrity (no criminal or civil convictions, no adverse tribunal findings, no cancelled registrations from professional bodies and no sackings for poor conduct)
-Competence (post graduate qualification, plus evidence of more than 3 years in senior exec position leading more than 100 staff and finally a leadership role in at least one successful, large scale, complex, multi year project)
-Financial Probity (previous responsibility for budget of more than $1million per annum plus no persistent allegations of historical corruption)

What would your rules be?

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Well DMK the formation of the PPP is your primary idea. All Sengbe did was to offer a more suitable acronym: instead of APP, which reminds us of APC, I mentioned PPP. So the ball is in your court to make the rules, and allow the general public to discuss these rules/policies. Be the strategic leader in this regard, and we shall follow.

@ EG
Who are the major players in the political class in na we Saro? Do you mean to exclude ALL of the present-day members of this class? Is that why the mention of their participation in this case is so very repulsive to you? In my field, we state that science does not emanate from a vacuum, therefore the good apples in this class must not be banned outrightly. Who do you include in this new class? Do they have the wherewithal to participate effectively? As just one individual, we are willing to sacrifice your participation, and allow those with experience and the wherewithal to further our cause. Let us know when you change your mind.

@ KL
The doomsday naysayer attitude you have relative to this notion is quite apauling. So this suggestion has been tried before, does that mean the idea will ALWAYS fail when offered at another time. I dare say; a fat NO. Think positive, bra.
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Correction: APPALLING not apauling as incorrectly mentioned in spelling.
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Sengbe, history is there to remind us of who we were, who we are and what we become. So, I will be cautiously uptimistic for the fact that if Rwanda and Ghana can change for the better, Salone can. 

By the way, talking about Rwanda, my last daughter, who recently received a double major at Virginia Commonwealth University in international studies and psychology, and also interned at the State Department, will join the Peace Corp and will spend two years teaching Rwandan high schoolers. A proud papa I am.
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@KL, congratulation on you and your daughter's achievement.

@Sengbe, you can do better than that. You can't complain about the range of flag bearers currently on offer without saying what you would do differently.
Lawyer Grant
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Good idea.  But count me out if King Loggy is going to be a member.  I don't want my IQ to fall to his level.
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@Lawyer Grant, surely you can help to raise the average IQ?

Speaking of IQ, should there be a minimum IQ for our flag bearer? An IQ of 100 makes one about average, 120 puts you in the top 10% or thereabouts.
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"...You can't complain about the range of flag bearers currently on offer without saying what you would do differently..." DMK

I do not understand. Did you mean to present the PPP as a political entity for the election cycle in 2018? I thought the PPP was supposed to be planted first so that when the seeds germinate fully in the future, a standard-bearer will evolve. It might be too soon to fulfill this ambition of yours. I may not be ready to participate at this time. My retirement papers will be signed in 4 years time.

Please seek KNICE's advice and counsel in this matter. His expertise will better serve this purpose.
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PPP will only come into being if we are still facing the same old issues 10 years from now.

@Knice what say you? What would be your minimum requirement for a flag bearer?
Eddie Grant
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Kothor Sengbe,
Let me tell you one strong reason why many, newly formed political parties continously failed to convince the voters.
The people of Sierra Leone maybe largely illiterate but there's one thing they know very well. RECYCLED POLITICIANS: the people always wish for a change from the old guards to new and untapped brains to bring meaningful development into the country. They're however, constantly being let down by these new parties which are new only by their names but their composition is full of the old timers.
So your suggestion that progressives from the two oldest parties can be included in your new party is already a sure sign that you'll be rejected out rightly by the people even if the leader of your proposed party have untainted record.
Therefore, the people prefer dealing with those they already know as prolific thieves than bringing in new ones
SLPP Grammar
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The doomsday naysayer attitude you have relative to this notion is quite apauling[rofl]

Our professor like MKK is becoming academically weak. One reason people should not rely on a village English teacher. I feel really sad for Sengbeh. Now he knows that English teacher has been poisoning him in that village.
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When Sengbe told DMK that a more suitable acronym to APP, which will reminds the people of APC, will be PPP, I laughed my a$$ off as if PPP will not remind the people of SLPP.  When I stated on another thread that, in so many ways, bringing old wine in new bottles into our political stage is not paying attention to history, Sengbe said I have a doomsday soothsayer attitude.  

But I agree with you, Sengbe is having a hard time understanding that the old guard is no longer needed. We need younger folks that will be in control of their destiny. 
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 U@ SLPP Grammar/aka Ishmail Sahid Zachariah / Musa Kenema

Well after realizing that I made a mistake, did I not self-correct? I did! Here:

Correction: APPALLING not apauling as incorrectly mentioned in spelling.
@ KL:
Well, waytin for do now? Ask J for the answer. 
Bo Salone Woman cam na di Bintu ehn brainstorm with we.
U too dare now ever since u marry da Waiteman day. Eh bo! norto so for do u pipul dem. We wan you brain sense for hep solve problem na Saro. Ar go write u full name if u nor comot na doe.

Look ye here! PPP in place of APP is more apt, than APP and APC, because the originator, DMK, is more inclined to be an SLPP-ian than an APC-erian? It was deliberate. Get it?
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Sengbe, waitin for do now???
Na for educate all de ngors, de korthors, de watheberras and nyandays of Salone make dem hep we brainstorm.  We job na for also guide dem make dem understand de sweetness en bitterness of democracy. De more dem understand say tribal block voting nor always good, de better.
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What should the education policy of PPP be? In the UK there is a lot of talk of good schools taking over poor ones. Would you be happy for your school to take over the running of a less fortunate school nearby? Would you rebrand the school taken over or allow them to keep their own identity?
Political Theory 101
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Why do you guys have to take/steal the name of a party that is active in Ghana?  Why not be creative and come up with a name that does not exist anywhere?'s_Party_(Ghana)
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Well name it one of the following:

 The Sabanoh Party  
 The Sayinoh Party 
 The Bondesia Party 
 The Tabempa Party
 The Nyandengo Party
 The Poomooi Party

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"What is in a name?" to coin a phrase.

I don't think anyone here is seriously thinking of launching a party, just expressing frustration with the status quo and dreaming about what could be done differently.
Political Theory 101
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Why would you think that there is no one here that is seriously thinking of launching a political party.  Are you psychoanalyst?  Can you tell what is on everyone's mind? 

And if you are expressing your frustration with the status quo and dreaming, why would you want to take others for a ride?
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@Political Theory 101, you are of course right, I misspoke. What I should have said was that this thread is started with a  view to kicking ideas around and should not be taken as a literal plan to start a party (I have long ago declared my membership of SLPP).

Now that we have that out of the way, I'm still hoping to hear what criteria one would apply to choosing a flag bearer. Any other policy ideas also welcome. Thanks.
Aboki Davies
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DMK do you know you have made a terrible mistake by declaring for the SLPP? Boy it is a mistake you will regret all your life.
Friend of Donald Trump
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Interestingly the notion that APC and SLPP are spent forces seems to be gaining traction in the country today...

.but, true say talk me .besides exceptions like South Africa,other African other countries  made significant progress after those parties which led them through independence got bulldozed of the political scene...

..and who is disputing that the future should not be better than the past!
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