After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Chicago Southside
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A student from Muslim Brotherhood, I repeat Muslim Brotherhood, whose father is uneducated and makes a living from selling cassettes, was top of the pile in last year's WASCE exams in Sierra Leone. That is social mobility at its best. Where are the Bo Schools, CKCs, POWs, AAs, Grammar Schools, FSSGs, Annie Walshes of this world-schools stuffed with the children of Sierra Leone's elite?

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Do you want to disparage the schools that have over the years been the bedrock of Salone's educational system?   Where was Muslim Brotherhood all these years?  How many students in Muslim Brotherhood passed the exam that you are referring to?
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Many congratulations to the young lady. This is a remarkable achievement especially given the many disadvantages schools like Muslim Brotherhood face in terms of resources. Her parents can be rightly proud. I hope she goes on to complete the college degree she has identified.

@Chicago Southside, I notice you have missed out many prominent schools in your list of those 'the elite' send their children to. I wonder if alumni of those missing schools should be upset you haven't included them or happy you don't consider them elitist?
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DMK is one of the most positive thinking greengo all  greengos have to emulate.  He does not get threatened by anyone or anything.  Way to go, bro. 
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Thanks @KL but I think we all just have different boiling points. I am looking forward to my first forum fight. I've been studying the recent bouts and absorbing lessons from counter punching styles versus the haymakers, the jab and move versus the toe to toe.
Braimah the Heavyweight
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Great response.  Please don't allow King Loggy to soften you.  There is no friendship between the APC and SLPP on this forum.  If you can, please don't hesitate to deliver the knockout punch on any of these APC sycophants roaming this forum.  They are partly responsible for the calamities on the ground in Salone.
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DMK, please bro do not look forward to a fight here stay on the sidelines. It's a jungle out here! But if you chose to, please keep the DMK handle clean and be internet savvy. Do no engage the enemy for too long otherwise he will start to connect the dots and the next thing you know, you are busted. Hit and hit hard, very hard,  and leave the enemy with your surrogates to defend you.  But be warned...make sure you also have different writing styles if you ever decide to employ surrogates. Finally, stay away from the SLPP!!! You don't want to spend a lifetime singing the blues and wait for the day when the APC will collapse.  That ain't gonna happen! 

Brimah the lightweight, u dae labo too much.
Braimah the Heavyweight
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You wan fet?

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U na greengo?  U commot Kailahun?  U get PhD way u heng na u car en rear view mirror? U good with English grammar?  If yes yes then ar wan fet. Make we meet na Eddie Grant en back yard. Musa Kenema sef dae wait dae.
Braimah the Heavyweight
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Ar nor know di rubbish wae u dae talk.  Ar lek for beat APC man dem.  So if u wan fet, mek ar know.  I live nar Maryland.
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U don begin for labo again 
Fen Plaba!
Reply with quote  #12 
Congrats to the gyal pikin. The holiday JCs had not been able to ensnare her. 
Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #13 
The King,
Hahaha! This is really hilarious.
I hear your advice to the honourable DMK, he's so far stayed away from the path of fighting. It's just one thing you must tell him, if he don't want to fight then he should not criticise his SLPP'S 11 year misrule. The moment he says the truth about it there will be pandemonium in the the SLPP camp with accusations of being an APC mole or traitor. ATK (rip) was a real victim of this mentality of the greeners.

@FP, I can never put it better than that. Perhaps the girls parents sought the services of a sorcerer, who prepared a potion that kept the JCs virtually blind whenever they crossed her path.
Kennet Eriksson
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Honorable Eddie Grant,

It is an APC guy that DMK wants to fight and beat up.  SLPP guys are always gentle toward each other.  Thus, it is very rare if not impossible for two SLPP guys to fight on this forum.  For whatever reasons folks get a thrill out of battering an APC guy's face.  Just like what David Thorlu did to you a few days ago.  Hehehehe

Eddie Grant
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@Kennet Eriksson,
You completely missed the point. No surprise at all, my point is, SLPP guys have a sickness bothering on their penchant to attack anyone who dare to talk about their incompetence to effectively run the country. And that's the worrying difference between them and APC folks.

As for David Thorlu, it's clear that he shakes his head in denial whenever someone mention his encounter with me. He knows what I did to him is not something anyone should joke with for fear of having nightmares.

Just continue to delude yourselves about David Thorlu, the man himself has disappeared. He wish never to mistakenly resurface fearing that I'll go after him.
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Unfortunately SLPP have allowed others to write the story of their time in office and to their credit, APC have done a very good job of misrepresenting that period. There were certainly missteps and the level of corruption is something we should all be embarrassed about. However there were unbelievable achievements which SLPP should have been shouting about from the rooftop. APC would have done a far better marketing job if they had delivered half as much.

SLPP tend to come in to rescue the country after a period of APC misrule. That is the position we find ourselves in again. We have 'man made austerity' as a result of failure to reform the economy during the commodity boom. Education levels are at dangerously low levels though this young lady gives us all hope. Bridges are collapsing all over the place despite in claims of infrastructure development. As for healthcare, in any other country someone would have been held criminally liable for the failures of leadership that allowed Ebola to rage out of control. I'm happy to have chosen SLPP over APC.
Kennet Eriksson
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Honorable Eddie,

You have a point.  SLPP guys are more passionate about their party than APC guys are about the APC.  SLPP guys love the SLPP.  This is not so the case with the APC guys relative to the APC.  Thus, it is easier for SLPP guys to come in defense of their part than APC guys would to theirs.

Also, in the APC, the two major tribes, Themnes and Limbas don't like each other.  Historically, the Limbas have always used the Themnes to achieve political power.  In the SLPP, you don't have two ethnic groups pitted against each other.  The Mendes can always come together to resolve ther differences.

Regarding David Thorlu, let sleeping dogs lie.  You guys fought hard, Thorlu is gone.  Leave him alone.  If you wake him up he might come again and there will be dombolo.
Eddie Grant
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@Kennet Eriksson,
If I've never agreed with an SLPP guy for not saying the truth, you have broken that barrier today. I can't agree with you more when you stated that SLPP have a deep passion for their party. The problem with that is they regard their party more important than the country and that is very unpatriotic. We all know that with the SLPP out of power, there can be no peace. Don't even try to deny it because we've seen how the SLPP operatives cook up bad publicity for the entire country just so the blame is directed at the APC because they're in power.

As for the David Thorlu saga, I'm waiting patiently for him to resurface. The little said about him the better. Perhaps it will be the last of my fights on the forum before I leave to represent my people.
Kennet Eriksson
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Korthor Eddie Grant,

I beg to differ with you on the notion that SLPP guys "regard their party more important than the country...". Nothing could be further than the truth.  SLPP guys are very patriotic. But the truth is that they hate the APC and this hatred is directly related to the violent and dishonest tendencies of the APC.  Let's face it, the APC are very violent and far more corrupt than the SLPP.  Thus, whereas APC guys can easily cross over to the SLPP, SLPP guys do not have that luxury for fear of being stigmatized that they are associating with a violent and crooked party, the APC.
Eddie Grant
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Kennet Eriksson,
What a stark contradiction to real life events of SLPP 'Crosstitution' to the APC.
Who in the APC have defected to the greenhouse?
The professed SLPP supporters love for their party left plenty of room to be admired. What I know and everyone knows is that SLPP supporters are only interested in power everything else is secondary.

So my friend check your facts thoroughly before making any comments so as not to be laughed at.
Kennet Eriksson
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Eddie Grant,

What I have known about you is that you are a small boy who has very little comprehension of Salone's political history.  You are asking who has crossed over from APC to SLPP?  I bet you may have been born in either the late 1970s or early 1980s.  Me man you nar borbor. 

The problem with you APC operatives is that you have very thick skulls that knowledge finds difficult to penetrate.  Thus, you have chosen to live in a box and insulate yourselves from everything that is happening in the outside world.

You may be interested in politics.  I am not.  If I were, I would have been a prominent figure in Salone today.  So don't look at me as somebody that is trying to propagate SLPP propaganda.  I have never been a member of any political party in Sierra Leone and will never join one.  However, I have friends in both major parties and have been able to understand their political dispositions simply by my association with them.  Let's put it this way, my only interest lies in the development of Sierra Leone.

Man, you must shed this mentality of US versus THEM.  You are too young for that.  Feistiness and overt political activism sometimes take you nowhere.
Eddie Grant
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@Kennet Eriksson,
You have written a long essay but you still failed to show us which APC member (s) that defected to SLPP.
Secondly, I'm not an APC supporter contrary to your belief.
Thirdly, why do you SLPP guys like to disguise your allegiance to the party just to claim neutrality.
Given your tirade against APC, one is left with no option but to strongly believe that your interest and associations is definitely with the SLPP.
So my brother stop deceiving yourself by trying to let others believe you're neutral.

The only people known to be consistently neutral on this forum are Bra Specky and SaloneMan.
Reply with quote  #23 
Kenneth Eriksson, it seems like you learned very little from your friends in politics.  "US versus THEM" is a political reality. 
Kennet Eriksson
Reply with quote  #24 
Look Borbor Eddie Grant,

During Tejan Kabbah's rule, Dr. Abbass Bundu crossed over to SLPP from APC, Kanji Daramy, JB dauda, the late Dr. Saccoh, etc.  Do I need to continue?  These activities are always common once a party goes into opposition.  So contrary, to what you may think, your APC has not been the cradle that its members would always gravitate towards.

You may not want to admit it but you are 100% APC.  Your social behavior depicts all the characteristics of a typical APC man - you are extremely aggressive, you are temperamental, you are boisterous, you appear to have a big mouth, you are a social turnoff, you are a gbose gbose man .  Need I say anymore?  These are all characteristics that turn off civilized Sierra Leoneans.

You can call me SLPP all you want but if I were ever to be political, the SLPP would never be my choice.  I will leave it at that.
Eddie Grant
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@Kennet Eriksson,
Nor call me borbor, me norto borbor.
I'll be 4 decades in April therefore you mustn't refer to me as borbor anymore.
Never mind, you should focus on the points in discussion and not my person.
Your insinuations that Abass Bundu, JB Dauda and others were APC is very misleading. But if your claims are anything to go by, then the rest of the SLPP and most of the APC are surrogates of both parties.
Remember the one party state? I hope you do because these politicians are products of that repressive era which is one good reason why one should tread carefully when defending them. The APC only carried the flag but the composition of that administration is a complete mixture of your SLPP and APC.
For your information, you're slowly but steadily entering my circle and very soon you'll carrying a placard that reads "Out With the APC/SLPP and in with The SLNC. The 2 parties will never work in the interest of the country.
Kennet Eriksson
Reply with quote  #26 

Eddie Grant,

You have a serious problem with comprehending what you read. consequently, you hurt yourself in debates.

The one party state ended with the overthrow of the APC by the NPRC. And even before and during the one party state, there were folks who were bonafide APC folks who did not have to be absorbed into the APC from other parties.

These were folks like Abbas Bundu, Dr. Saccoh and others. They became SLPP when Tejan Kabbah became leader of the SLPP. Does that not answer your infantile question of who are the APC folks that have crossed over to the SLPP?

I know you are one die-hard APC that will never cross over to the SLPP. But not everybody is like you. Enjoy your Orsaii Orwaii.

Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #27 
Kennet Eriksson,
If anyone is having difficulty with comprehension it is definitely you.
If anyone is thrilled with series of your misleading narratives of who had cross-carpet to the SLPP here will be those who, perhaps did not have the opportunity to review our political history.
Dr. Abass Bundu had been a critical figure of Joseph Saidu Momoh's APC. All of those you mentioned as being members of the APC only carried the symbol of the party due to the one party system at the time.

Let me refer you to books written by Dr Abass Bundu himself. There are series of citations that supports what I'm talking about. If you haven't already got one, the book titled Democracy by Force? May be the answer to your mystery. You can also check his autobiography, in there, you'll find that his party, the SLPP surreptitiously exonerated him over the allegations of passports sales fraud in which he connived with Maada Bio. These 2 later became the best of friends with Abass Bundu trumpeting his unflinching support for Maada after his failed attempt to get even less than 5% of the votes in the 1996 elections for his now defunct PPP: Progressive People's Party.
My friend I'm going to bed but please take this from me. There's no benefit in lying about your party. There's nothing to write home about the 2 parties.
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