After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Throwback Thursday
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Image result for mosquito pump

This challenge is for forum participants to come up with pics reminiscent of the one above. 
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I remember this gadget. It think it is a mosquito spray gun.
Fan Of Sengbe
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Way back in those days in Sengbe's village' the Sengbes were the only family that owned such precious gadgets. Every evening Sengbe will assemble his friends under the paw-paw tree in their compound grandstanding wickedly much to the admiration of all the villagers. At that time he will be dressed in his carnaby pants matching that with a slim-fit shirt while having 'half-back' as footwear.On his neck will be a handkerchief used as a scarf. To impress the 'Kekehs' he will tuck his slim-fit shirt into the carnaby without the services of his 007 belt which was a normal sight in southeastern villages in those days.Anytime he is offended by any of his friends he will punish that friend by excluding him from the evening reunion under the tree which means that he has forfeited the scene of the operation of that gadget for that day.
Fan Of Sengbe
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Bildresultat för 007 belt buckle
Fulah Man
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Bildresultat för kerosene cooking stove
Fen Plaba!
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Hehehe, Musa Kenema, lef for hambug me N'goh!
U wan see KL with ihn terrylene knickerbockers en platform shoes, with ihn babala Afro puff? KL, leh ar pull d picture?
Fen Plaba!
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The illest African suoer hero:

Fen Plaba!
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Wow Spearman! That takes me right back to my youth. Great memories.
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Throwback Thursday
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Let's see how many forumites remember this form of transportation in Sierra Leone. What can you say about these vans/mini buses?   

Related image

Image result for Mille Kilo camionette
Fen Plaba!
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I dont know what it is actually called, but when I was a kid, we used to call it "Milkilo" or something like that. They used to be the slowest, God-awful, uncomfortable means of transportation plodding along at about 40mph. 
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Fen Plaba!
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Ah KL. My very best movie. Amitabh, Dhamendra, Hema Malini and Jaya Bhaduri captivated and ebchanted in that movie. Sweet!
Old Nongowa Trader
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Image result for colonial policeman in sierra leone
Capitol Giant
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Image result for star black robert woods
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Image of Antique Coal Fired Clothes Press Iron
How about this one?
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Image may contain: 1 person, bus and outdoor
Starco Yanko
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Wow, KL's pic is one heck of a killer. Check out how the police officer's uniform stand out when compared to the 'kalo kalo' ones of today.  
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Originally Posted by Fen Plaba!
Hehehe, Musa Kenema, lef for hambug me N'goh!
U wan see KL with ihn terrylene knickerbockers en platform shoes, with ihn babala Afro puff? KL, leh ar pull d picture?


No automatic alt text available.
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KL when were you admitted into AMSS and when did you leave or graduate? The face in the pic resembles one of the senior prefects during the transition from Mr.Kamara to M.P. Baryoh. I am sure you knew Sanpha aka Doctor  of ali house the powerful athlete who trounced Sahr A.Kendoh of Ahmad house another powerful athlete.
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I was there during the transition between iqbal, I think this is the right name, and Mr. Kamara. Mr. Bayoh came after I left. 
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That means you left before I entered. But maybe you were in the same batch as my twin cousins Saibatu and Hassan Kamara both living in Va.
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Zintabah, I might have entered AMSS the same year as you. I was in Form 1-1. Our Form Master was French Kamara (Late). Other teachers include French/Tall Bayoh, Kabiru Mansaray, Economics Bayoh, Mr SIS Koroma (later joined the Police Force- made to understand he passed away recently), Kanji Daramy, etc. There were two elderly female secretaries then in the Principal's office... can't remember their names now but they have  English names  (one of them was Mrs Wright I guess).
That was during the time when the AMSS football team was indeed the team to beat, with the likes of Short Abu, Abu Dyfan, Alhaji Kamara, Kanu Masala, later on we have Umaru Kabia etc. Most of them later played in the national team.
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Oh these Ahmadiyya boys.  They are all over the forum.
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BEK most probably. I was in French Kamara's class too and later ended in five science.But you forgot to mention Takeneh, Mohamed Koffi Badu Kamara and Alhaji Rashid who were also powerful and dependable strikers much to the envy of other schools. Economics Baryoh was also 'lite aid' Baryoh. I think one of those secretaries was Miss Beckley.

PrinceWalean bra nor jelos. Ahmadiyya was a great school way back in those days. That was where I got my first knoiwledge of Islam after spending my entire primary education learning only about Jesus Christ during religious knowledge courses.With that encounter (at that time I was eleven years three months old) everything about me changed from the once bad boy from K.P.S. to the most decent boy. Attending Ahmadiyya was the fulfilment of my late grandmom's wish who had wanted me to enrol at a madrassa where I would have used tablets rather than books. My parents were happy that I went to Ahmadiyya with advice of my uncle where I combined Islamic education with western-style education.
Teacher Jones
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Why would a Prince of Wales guy be jealous of an Ahmadiyya guy?  Is it not the other way round?
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It should not be the other way round because way back in those days schools like POW, AA, Grammar School etc. were basking on past glories without the faintest idea that they were stuck deep in the past. Most of the outputs were masquerading as the guys with the best education while those from schools like AMSS, Brotherhood, Muslim Congress, Independence Memorial and every other school in that generation were considered third grade or mediocre. Well there goes the saying:The coat does not matter but the man in the coat and that is what some of us are proving today. Almost any place you find yourself today you will ecnounter engineers, doctors, educationists, lawyers etc. who were educated at AMSS and other schools in that generation much to the chagrin of the arrogant and show-boating-inclined POW and other schools in that bandwagon.
Pa Cole
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My friend, you are not making a sense at all. When you talk about prominent high schools in Sierra Leone, mentioning the name A hmadiyya is laughable. A hmadiyya has never been in the same tier as Prince of Wales, Saint Edwards, C.K.C , Grammar School, Annie Walsh, Bo School, Albert Academy, Saint Joseph's Convent and Methodist Boys High School. These are the cream of secondary school education in Salone.
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It's not the school you go to, it's what you get out of the school that matters.
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